Technical stuff

Governance model

Governance model illustrated

Dark blue boxes is mandatory, the light blue box is optional.

OpenPEPPOL Membership

Applying for an OpenPEPPOL Membership is the first step to become a provider in the PEPPOL transport infrastructure.

Please see the OpenPEPPOL homepage to find more information about membership.

Transport Infrastructure Agreement (TIA)

All providers must sign a TIA with a PEPPOL Authority or directly with OpenPEPPOL. Difi is the Norwegian PEPPOL Authority.

Please see the to find more information about signing up with Difi.

Acceptance test

Acceptance testing is performed with all organizations signing the TIA. The acceptance test starts when the provider contact Difi (see Support).

Best practice for access points

Difi has estabished a best practice in the norwegian market. This is optional for providers.