Technical stuff

OpenPEPPOL Membership

OpenPEPPOL membership is mandatory for Access Point providers. You will find the details in the section How to join. The OpenPEPPOL Membership form has to be filled in, signed, scanned and sent back to

OpenPEPPOL will review the form for completeness. You will then receive a notification from OpenPEPPOL to confirm receipt and will be informed about membership approval. Once approved, your organisation will be included in the online list of OpenPEPPOL members.

We strongly recommend engaging with the OpenPEPPOL Coordinating Communities as soon as you become an OpenPEPPOL member, in order to have access to a wide group of private and public sector members with PEPPOL expertise in multiple countries and industries, sharing experience and best practices.

For information about fees, please see bottom of Join OpenPEPPOL.