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FAQ: Service Metadata Locator (SML)

What is a SML?

SML is a central service to locate the Service Metadata Provider (SMP) where a given participant may be found.

How many SMLs exists?

For a given network may only one SML exist. PEPPOL is such a network containing only one SML.

How many SMPs may register a participant in SML?

SML points to one SMP containing metadata for a given participant. Trying to register a participant registred by another SMP results in error.

What is the address of SML?

SML doesn’t provide a user interface. For location is the hostname “” used for lookup in PEPPOL.

What is SMK?

SMK is a SML for test purposes. Hostname for SMK in PEPPOL is “”.

Who administrate registration in SML?

Providers providing SMP services are the only administrators of SML.