Technical stuff


What is ELMA?

ELMA is the Norwegian service providing SMP services part of PEPPOL network for Norwegian organizations.

Who may register Norwegian organizations in ELMA?

Access points may register their Norwegian customers in ELMA.

Who may register my Norwegian organization in ELMA?

Difi provides a list of access points with access to register Norwegian organizations in ELMA.

Who may remove an Norwegian organization in ELMA?

Only the access point who registered an organization in ELMA may remove an organization from ELMA.

Can Difi remove an Norwegian organization in ELMA?

No. Please see “Who may remove an Norwegian organization in ELMA?”

How to get access to ELMA?

Access point providers who has successfully completed the acceptance testing may request access by sending a mail to

May I register my Norwegian customers in my own SMP?


Who operate ELMA?

Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) operates ELMA as part of Difi services related to PEPPOL.

What is the cost of using ELMA?

Using ELMA is free of charge. Access point providers may charge to register and maintain receivers.

Where may I find information regarding planned maintenance?

All planned maintenance are available in our calendar.