Technical stuff

Release management

The release management of EHF is defined in the table below. Notifications is available as announcements and events in the calendar on this portal.

  Major (X.0.0) Minor (y.X.0) Revision (y.y.X)
Standardizing regulations Yes Yes No
Backward compatible No Yes Yes
New customizationId Yes Yes No
Frequency Max 1/year Max 2/year Max 4/year
Notification prior to release 16 months 1 month 1 month
Subject to change Everything New functionality Fixes and codelists
Potential review March 1st April 1st
October 1st
January 15th
April 15th
August 15th
October 15th
Potential release September 1st May 1st
November 1st
February 15th
May 15th
September 15th
November 15th
Release to mandatory 4 months Immediately Immediately